We have been mastering our flow since 2011, getting babes glammed up, traveling the world and earning every glittery, well contoured, perfectly curled stripes. One of the best complements we have received is that the brides we style, love our energy. The little moments we get to spend with people before they zip up their dress make us feel so honored to witness. But above all else, we aim to be cool, calm and have a little fun (obviously, some times dancing is inevitable).



Emily Katz

You know that girl who is effortlessly magnetic, creative, playful and insanely stylish? She would never say it, (annoyingly, she is humble too) but that is our Emily. But hey, don’t mistake her sense of whimsy for naivety. She has been at the helm of her own beauty business in the West Loop since she was 23. She is a modern day Stevie Nicks with the entrepreneurial tenacity of a trampoline.

Kelly Bush

Kelly’s friends and clients routinely describe her as a Self Esteem Fairy, and A Make Up Visionary. She would describe herself as “The chick with cool earrings”. But don’t let her chill vibe fool you, Kelly has been doing make-up for 20 years in Chicago and LA, and knows her way around a face. Specifically, how to find a persons best feature and give you results that WAY exceed your expectations. Whether you want a clean natural look, or a high fashion editorial LOOK - Kelly will deliver. All while gently bobbing her head to music only she hears. Cause that’s how artistic geniuses do.